More than just Props

New and Reconditioned Props


New Props

We offer a wide variety of 2-blade, 3- blade, 4-blade, and 5-blade props in bronze, stainless steel aluminum, and commercial-grade nibral alloys for lasting, dependable performance without deflection or distortion. If needed, we will analyze your propulsion needs prior to ordering to determine the prop size and specification best suited to your propulsion needs. We can also fine tune your new prop prior to deliver to provide an even higher level of balanced & optimized performance.


Reconditioned Props

Regardless of prop size, material, or make, our team of seasoned pros will quickly and afford-ably recon your damaged or bent prop. We repair bronze, steel, stainless steel, nibral alloy, and aluminum props to “better than original” tolerances. Skillful welding of bronze and soft metals, welding of steel and stainless steel, aluminum alloys provide for repair and material replacement without affecting the metal’s tensile characteristics.

The Prop Shop can save you hundreds and even thousands of dollars over buying new, while also improving your boat’s performance!